Education of actual practicing of building: Follie at Kuroki


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created 2004/08/02
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This page shows the education program of actual practicing of building by the department of environmental design, Kyushu University.

The work called Komaikaki was done on 18 July 2004. Komai means a thin piece of bamboo or wood which is used as a ground of roofs or walls. Komaikaki means making a ground with Komai.

The next program is scheduled in September. The work will be building clay walls on the Komai mainly by the third year students. The students who wish to participate in the program should contact Assoc. Prof. Oi, Assoc. Prof. Tanoue or Mr. Inoue.

komaikaki01 First, thin pieces of bamboo are placed vertically between collumns.
Only a few main pieces are nailed.

komaikaki02 Then, pieces of bamboo are fixed by weaving with lines at regular intervals.

komaikaki03 Pieces of bamboo are fixed horizontally as well.
It looks like a wall now.

komaikaki04 Surrounding environment. There is camping site just below the follie.

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